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Category Archives: Announcements – Holidays

Gourmet Holiday Gifts

organic grass fed cattle Give the gift of gourmet organic grass fed meats this holiday! With all the sweets and treats available this time of year, your friends and family will really appreciate your thoughtfulness in gifting them with healthy and delicious organic grass fed meats. Your selections stay fresh up to a year in their freezer and they can enjoy everything knowing it is healthy, well raised meat without antibiotics, additives, chemicals or preservatives. Our animals are treated humanely and our organic meats also graze certified organic pastures or receive organic feed. We have a Holiday Gift category to

Gourmet Organic Grass Fed Meat Gifts Online

Organic Grass Fed Meat Beef Filet Mignon Steak Holiday gift giving made easy, healthy, and delicious with organic meats! At the holidays we can become overwhelmed with the amount of sweet treats around us. Of course it is perfectly fine to treat yourself once in a while. However, a lot of people would really rather avoid the empty calories involved with indulging in unhealthful treats. We recommend gifts which are healthful and can be enjoyed completely as a part of a healthy lifestyle. How about organic grass fed meats? Your friends and family will enjoy your thoughtful gift of organic meats whether you choose items

Gourmet Organic Grass Fed Meats for Holiday Gifts

Organic Grass Fed Meat Beef Filet Mignon Steak Buy gourmet gifts of organic grass fed meats for the holidays! Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Buy gourmet organic grass fed meats online and have them shipped  to your friends and family for Christmas. We also offer convenient gift certificates to make sure they can select just exactly the organic meats they prefer! At this time of year we’re surrounded by sweet treats, baked goods and other celebratory goodies. Your family and friends (even yourself) will appreciate high quality gourmet meats that they can enjoy without guilt. In fact, grass fed meat is better  for you

Give Grass Fed Beef Holiday Gifts!

Buy Grass Fed Beef Give the healthy gift of grass fed beef this holiday season! With all the temptations abounding at this time of year, everyone on your list will appreciate a gift of heart healthy grass fed beef! Our pasture raised grass fed beef offer the health benefits of higher CLAs and Omega3s (among others) over conventionally raised corn fed beef. We also offer organic free range chicken, wild caught seafood and much more! You’re sure to find something to suit every taste and lifestyle, like those following the Paleo Diet. Our affordable shipping throughout Arizona and to San Diego,

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