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Why We Love Organic Meat, Los Angeles (And You Should, Too!)

Organic Grass Fed Meat Beef Filet Mignon Steak What’s to love about organic meat, Los Angeles? First, it’s also grass fed and finished organic beef. This is important because beef cattle are ruminants nature intended to eat and digest grasses. This keeps the animals’ digestive track healthy and the nutrient level of the meat at the optimal levels. So, you end up with a high quality product that provides heart healthy levels of Omega3s and CLAs and fewer unhealthful Omega6s not to mention significantly higher levels of other important nutrients. When organic cattle eat a diet of 100% grass, their healthy digestive tract doesn’t provide

Affordable Grass Fed Meat in Phoenix Arizona

grass fed beef steaks on grill Shop online for affordable grass fed meat in Phoenix and all of Arizona! Finding affordable and high quality grass fed meat can be tricky in Phoenix. Sure, some farmer’s markets have a local Arizona rancher selling grass fed beef but the supply can vary and if you don’t get to the market bright and early, you may not be able to get the cuts you want. Even the organic grocers’ don’t have all steak cuts all the time. We’ve heard from many customers that they just got so frustrated with spending their time and money on

Organic Meat for a Healthy New Year in Los Angeles California

Organic grass fed beef New York strip steak raw Choose organic meat and grass fed beef for a healthier New Year in LA! It’s that time of year where people start making New Year’s resolutions. Often times, they are unrealistic and don’t last much past January. There is a lot of information that making goals instead of resolutions may be more lasting and effective. Break down your goals into pieces that you can implement and adjust to in  steps. Once one step becomes your new “normal”, add something else until you have reached your goal! Make lifestyle changes in 2014 Many consumers are making healthy lifestyle changes

Grass Fed Meat for your Healthy New Year in Phoenix

Organic Grass Fed Beef Steak cut with knife and fork Is eating healthy grass fed meats part of your goals for the New Year? Topline Foods can help with that! We offer easy online shopping for organic grass fed meats including beef, chicken, wild caught seafood and more delivered to your door. Shipping in the  metro Phoenix area is free for orders over $199 and you can choose to pick up for free for orders over $99. UPS rates for shipping in Arizona are very reasonable and only 1 day in transit. Why is eating organic grass fed meat so important for your healthy New Year? Organic meat

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