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A few thoughts on buying organic meat on a budget

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Here are a few thoughts on how you can buy organic meat and beef on a budget!

Choosing organic meat and grass fed beef is healthier although no one can argue that it is as cheap as factory farmed meats. Once you understand the differences between factory farmed meat (feedlots, antibiotic use, hormone use, grain fed or finished, etc.) and organic grass fed meat (no feedlots, no antibiotics or growth promoting substances, fed no grains ever, no exposure to harmful chemicals like pesticides/herbicides), we’re pretty sure you will want to eat the organic meat. What if you are on a budget though – how do you afford it?

The best way to save money is to buy in bulk . We offer bulk discounts on most of our items. You can save over $1/lb on some items and the quantities required to qualify for savings are reasonable. Usually, the threshold for savings is 6 of an item. Just click on an item and then click  on “buy in bulk and save” to see the discounts available.

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When it comes to incorporating organic food into your budget, vegetables and fruits are also an important factor. You can save on produce by buying local and seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits. When you favorites are not in season, organic frozen vegetables are an excellent choice and have been shown to maintain a very high level of nutrients because they are frozen so quickly after harvest. Also, avoid pre-cut or convenience items at the store as these come at a premium price.

Perfect Grass Fed Beef Roast

Buy larger and less expensive cuts of meat, like roasts, and slow cook them to perfection. These cuts of meat are less tender than a steak but offer all the delicious taste and health benefits for a lot less per pound. Even if you don’t have a large family, you can utilize the leftovers for healthy lunches and transform them for dinner leftovers. For example, cook the roast in a slow cooker and serve with roasted vegetables the first night. Then, with the leftovers you can  top a salad with cold, shredded meat; roll up into burritos with some of your favorite additions like chopped tomatoes, guacamole and beans; add to a grilled cheese sandwich; stir some of the shredded meat into your favorite red sauce and top spaghetti or spaghetti squash. Before you know it, that 2 lb. roast is gone and your weeknight meals were effortless!

Use inexpensive ground meats. Meat loaf, meatballs, meat sauce, burritos, tacos, casseroles…the options are endless! And, ground meat is among the most affordable and budget conscious way to incorporate organic meat into your diet. It works with any type of craving from Mexican to Italian to Asian applications in the kitchen.  Good health to you in your efforts to include organic meat into your life.

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