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Buying Grass Fed Beef in Southern California

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Shop online for organic grass fed beef with affordable delivery to your home in Southern California inlcuding Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County!

Living in Southern California is great – the weather is probably among the best in the whole country! Both beaches and mountains are in close proximity offering a wide range of outdoor activities to enhance your healthy lifestyle! And if you are health conscious, you probably already know that grass fed beef and organic, naturally raised meats are better for you and your family. If you are new to eating this way, you can learn more about the many health benefits of grass fed meats vs. conventional, factory farmed and grain fed beef here.

If you’re a busy and active person, you may find it time consuming and frustrating to drive those busy Southern California freeways searching for high quality organic beef and chicken, wild caught seafood or pastured pork. Most organic whole foods grocers and even farmer’s markets tend to have a “hit or miss” selection of grass fed beef and even organic chicken, or so our customers tell us. Topline Foods offers all these organic meats and more with easy online shopping and delivery to your door. Save your time for more pleasurable pursuits while still enjoying healthy grass fed beef.


How can you save money and get the best price on grass fed beef, antibiotic free and organic chicken, wild caught seafood and more in Southern California?

We offer a number of ways to save money and get the best price on your grass fed beef. We offer bulk discounts on some of our most popular items like our grass fed steaks and antibiotic free, cage free chicken (just click on an item to see if it has bulk pricing), Loyalty Rewards (we’ll send you a 10% off coupon after your 5th order of at least $99), Referral Rewards, and if you sign up for our weekly emails, we’ll let you know about any specials or sales we are having (we never share or sell your email and we promise not to spam you!). Our prices are not inflated artificially because we always pass on any supplier discounts we receive – we want to make eating healthy grass fed beef and organic chicken as affordable and convenient as possible for everyone! Click here to learn more about these programs and how we can save you money today!

Where does our organic grass fed beef come from?

Our cattle are sourced from family farms in the Pacific Northwest United States where the cattle are raised on the lush, green, organic grasses that are abundant due to the ideal climate. Our family farmers take great pride in their sustainable stewardship of both their cattle and their land. The animals never receive antibiotics, added hormones or steroids, are treated humanely and never see a feedlot. While these farms may not be local to you, the farmers there are proud to serve their local communities and provide both high quality grass fed beef as well as local jobs and contribute to their local economies. It is a fact that not everyone has convenient local access to high quality grass fed meats. Topline Foods is here to serve as a bridge between those who produce these high quality meats and you!

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