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Buy the best organic grass-fed beef online

Buy the best organic grass fed beef meat online

Enjoy the convenience of buying the best organic grass fed beef online and have it delivered to your door!


Organic grass fed beef is healthier

Organic grass fed beef is healthier!

When beef are  raised the way nature intended by eating only 100% grasses and roaming freely on organic pasture, the beef is healthier. In fact, the meat has a completely different and healthier nutritional content than factory farmed animals or even organic animals that are finished on grain. This is because when the cattle eats grains (and sometimes less savory feed in the feed lots) it changes the pH level in their stomach and they live in a state of constant upset stomach. This allows antibiotic resistant bacteria to thrive and potentially cause foodbourne illness when consumed. The meat of grass fed organic cattle is also much higher in healthy Omega3 fatty acids and lower in unhealthful Omega6 fatty acids. The meat also contains improved levels of many important nutrients like Beta Carotene, Vitamin E and CLAs. Organic grass fed beef is also lower in fat and calories. If you would like to see all the facts and figures on nutrition, you can click here.

Organic Grass Fed Beef Steak cut with knife and forkOrganic grass fed beef tastes better!

If you have been raised on corn fed or grain finished beef, you will definitely see and taste big differences when you try grass fed beef. First, grass fed beef is leaner with less marbling because it is not given any grains which fatten animals quickly and cheaply.  Second, they also never receive antibiotics or growth promotants like added hormones or steroids. Third, they are also leaner because they are not confined to a feedlot for months where movement is strictly limited. Grass fed animals roam freely on lush grassy pastures as nature intended. What this all adds up to is a more intense beefy flavor and a richer texture. Some people call it “tougher” but we feel it is just the way it should be. If you enjoy a more tender piece of beef, consider marinating your steaks or buying more tender cuts like the filet mignon. Our roasts also are perfectly melt in your mouth tender after a slow cooking process in liquid, just like mom used to make!

Avoid antibiotics, chemicals and GMOs with organic grass fed beef!

Grass fed beef is tastier and healthier, but when you consider what being “certified organic” means – organic grass fed beef is definitely the pinnacle of beef products. Organic animals graze on certified organic pastures their entire lives, in fact, they must be born on organic land! This means they are never exposed to nor consume any chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers. Organic animals also never receive antibiotics, added hormones or other growth promoting substances like steroids. Organic grasses are also not genetically modified or engineered so their meat is also non-GMO.

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Buy the best organic grass fed beef online for home delivery now!

Topline Foods has the best quality organic grass fed beef ready for delivery to your door now. Shop online and we’ll ship to you in an insulated cooler with plenty of dry ice – your meat will arrive safely and frozen! We offer excellent customer service as well, so you will be notified and asked to verify that our shipping dates are convenient for you. You will also receive an email with your tracking information so you can see the progress of your package from start to finish! Look no further, start enjoying the best organic grass fed beef now!

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