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Buy Organic Meat Online in Phoenix

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Shop online for organic meat and have it delivered to your door in Phoenix, Arizona!

Topline Foods offers a wide selection of organic meat including grass fed beef, free range organic chicken, wild caught seafood and more. Shopping online with home delivery makes stocking your freezer with the highest quality proteins easy and convenient.

Why is organic meat important?

Certified organic meat requires that the animals never receive antibiotics, added hormones or other growth promotants. They also must live on certified organic land (no herbicides or pesticides for at least 3 years) and be fed only certified organic feed. Our organic grass fed beef is raised in the Pacific Northwest United States where they are allowed to roam and graze freely on the abundant natural grasses of family farms.

Why is organic meat more expensive than conventional meat?

To become certified organic is a time consuming and costly undertaking requiring paperwork, verification by third parties, and regular audits of the land and practices by the farmer.  Certified organic grass fed meat also takes longer to reach the correct weight for processing which is more expensive. Also, farmers who raise organic meat spend more time managing their animals hands on, again this is more expensive than the methods used to raise and fatten conventional cattle.

Is organic grass fed meat healthier?

Yes! Grass fed beef contains higher levels of heart healthy Omega3s and lower levels of Omega6s as well as being higher in CLAs and many other nutrients. You can get all the details and figures on the many health benefits of eating organic grass fed meat here. Also, maybe as important as the health benefits to you, the animals that come from organic grass fed farms are well raised, humanely treated and healthy animals. There are lots of articles that report about the unsanitary and cruel conditions that factory farmed animals are raised in. By choosing organic meat, you are encouraging more family farms to raise their animals in humane, clean and healthy environments.

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