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Why buy organic free range chicken in San Diego, California?

Buy Organic Chicken


Topline Foods is offering affordable shipping of organic free range chicken and more to San Diego, California!


What is the difference between organic free range chicken and conventionally raised chicken? The biggest difference is that conventionally raised chicken has to be fed antibiotics to maintain the health of the livestock because of the overcrowded and unhealthy living conditions. Organic chicken doesn’t receive any antibiotics because they are raised in a more humane and healthful manner. If they do become sick and need antibiotics they are treated but will no longer be sold as organic chicken.

If humans “are what we eat” then so are the animals we consume. An organic chicken is fed organic grains and eats plants and insects from organic pastures. Conventional chickens eat grains fouled by synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Salmonella has been shown to be much less prevalent on organic chicken then conventional chicken. And, organic free range chicken also contains much less antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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Topline Foods now delivers our organic free range chicken, organic grass fed beef, wild caught seafood and more to San Diego, California. Shop now!

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