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Buy Grass Fed Beef for Your Health

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Want to buy grass fed beef for better health?

More and more, people are becoming educated about the differences between grass fed beef and conventionally raised grain finished beef. If you are just starting out on your research, you can learn the facts here.

The basic differences are that grass fed beef is leaner because it is not confined to a feedlot and spends it’s life freely roaming. It is also less marbled because it is never “finished” (or fed) grains which fatten the cattle quickly and cheaply for the farmer. The difference in diet and exercise creates a positive difference in the ratio of Omega3 (the good fatty acids) and Omega6 (the bad ones) as well as more CLAs, and many other nutrients. Again, you can see all the details at the link above.

When you get away from the factory farmed model of raising any animal, whether beef, chicken, pork or seafood, you will notice the absolute consistency of product is not going to be there. For example, the color of the meat may vary a bit and 2 – 10 oz steaks may vary in thickness depending on the size of the animal they came from. The flavor may vary a bit as well depending on which grasses the individual animals ate and what time of year it is. What you can count on though, is that the meats will be tastier, with better texture and they will absolutely be healthier and more enjoyable!

If you raise animals in confinement with unnatural feeds they were not intended to eat but which they are fed to  fatten them up and get them ready for slaughter more cheaply, you get a lot more consistency in the end product. However, what you lose in the process is the natural flavor and texture of the meat. Conventional beef and chicken may always look the same and come in consistent weights, but what you’re eating will be less flavorful and contain all sorts of things you (really) don’t want to eat like added hormones and antibiotics.

So, now that you know why grass fed beef is healthier, tastier and better for you – where can you buy it? There are a lot of different options out there – whole foods grocers, farmers markets, organic grocers. However, our customers tell us these sources have inconsistent supplies and the quality just isn’t always that good. These options also often require time (and gas) consuming trips out of the way. Another source is a local farmer where you buy 1/2 a cow.  If that option is available to you, that’s great! However, many people either do not have access to that resource, or even if they do, they don’t have the storage space or the inclination to cook some of the less well known cuts they would receive. With Topline Foods you only buy the cuts and quantities you want and enjoy.

Save yourself the time and money by shopping online from the comfort of your home. Topline Foods offers all your lean, healthy proteins in one place. Whether you are interested in buying grass fed organic beef, antibiotic free and organic chicken, pasture raised pork or wild caught seafood (farmed fish is another story-learn more here) – we have the highest quality and selection. While you are shopping, click on any of our items to read detailed descriptions of the product as well as see complete nutritional information and ingredients. We even have convenient shopping categories for those of you looking for Gluten Free items or Paleo Diet approved items.


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