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Best Organic Grass Fed Beef Online in Los Angeles California

Buy Organic Grass Fed Beef Online


Organic Grass Fed Beef Filet Mignon Steak

Buy the best organic grass fed meats online at a great price in Los Angeles, California!


Buy the best quality grass fed beef online with affordable delivery to your door in Los Angeles and throughout California at the best price. Whether you are practicing the Paleo diet lifestyle or just appreciate organic grass fed meats for their superior texture, flavor and health benefits, you can shop online now! Topline Foods’ selection of organic grass fed steaks and other clean, whole proteins lets you pick just the cuts you prefer in the quantities you need. All our meats are individually vacuum sealed and flash frozen to preserve freshness and flavor with no additives or chemicals – you buy 100% grass fed and finished beef!

Our grass fed beef cattle are raised on the verdant green pastures of the Pacific Northwest with the freedom to roam and engage in natural behaviors. They never receive antibiotics, added hormones, steroids or growth promotants.  As a result of their humane treatment, you receive the best quality organic steaks at the best price possible.

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