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Autism Prevention?



I had breakfast this week with a friend of mine who’s daughter was diagnosed at an early age with Autism. Because of that and thousands of hours of research, he started a Non-Profit organization called Prevent Autism Today  (www.PreventAutism.org). We started to discuss some of the  actions that people could take to prevent autism and not surprisingly many of them had to do with the type of foods that you eat and feed your kids; things like eating organic foods, avoiding cow milk, no wheat products, less antibiotics, no pesticides (see his site for a complete list). This is  especially important when their little bodies are developing.

He brought up some good points that really opened my eyes to how fast this disease has been increasing. In the 1970′s, about 1 in every 10,000 kids was diagnosed with the disease. In 2008 the number was 1 in 150. The most recent statistics say that 1 in 91 kids will get autism, and even  scarier, 1 in 58 boys will get the disease.

Because the disease is relatively new and because the FDA typically moves very slowly when they don’t have factual data to back up their claims, there are a lot of theories why these numbers are skyrocketing. What we do know, is that 30+ years ago, we didn’t have this problem. So to prevent autism, it seems logical to go back to what we were doing before the start of this outbreak. Much of what has changed has been the addition of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, corn based products (high fructose corn syrup) into our food. At TopLine Foods we believe that staying away from products with these additives in them will help you and your family stay healthy!

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