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Author Archives: Sydney

Pink Slime: Same Old Story, Now With Beef

Ten Years Later, Conventional Meat Producers Are Using the Same Tricks   Honestly, my first reaction to this story was confusion. I came back from vacation to read that carcasses were being thrown into a big centrifuge to collect the extra scraps of meat and connective tissue. The resulting gunk gets sprayed down with ammonia [...]

Farmed Shrimp Sources Fall Short of FDA Standards, Industry Responses Just Fall Short

  A Deconstruction of the Misdirecting, PR Response to the Scandal I’m such a word nerd. Every time I hear an advertisement or a public relations announcement, I can’t help picking apart all the misdirecting jargon, the double meanings, the deceptive technicalities. It makes me feel all warm and smug inside. The Global Aquaculture Alliance [...]

Simple Answers to Questions on Food Claims and Labels

    Tips for the Discerning, Health Conscious Consumer It’s hardly news that the food industry is a chaotic jumble of clumsy, incomplete scientific research, unfounded fads, confusing labels, and manipulative marketing ploys. You need more than a buzz word, a list of incomprehensible ingredients and a complicated, unexplained nutrition chart to make informed decisions [...]

School Cafeterias in Colorado Teach Whole Foods Nutrition and Healthy Eating

    School District Makes Great Strides To Promote Healthy Habits, Whole Foods, and Good Nutrition. In a world where the United States government has deemed that pizza counts as a vegetable for school lunches, it’s good to know that some school districts are willing to go the extra mile all on their own to [...]

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