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American Organic Grass Fed Beef

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Where is your grass fed beef raised?

Topline Foods’ grass fed organic beef is raised on the naturally abundant grasses of the Pacific Northwest United States by farmers who are proud of their organic, sustainable farming methods. These farmers are letting their cattle roam and graze on organic pastures and engage in natural behaviors. Because the animals are never confined to a cramped and unsanitary feedlot, there is no need for antibiotics to keep them healthy and they never receive any added hormones, steroids or other growth promotants. Their natural grass diet is never supplemented with grains of any sort and because the land they graze is certified organic, they are not eating GMOs.

While it is great that more and more people are coming to understand the many health benefits of choosing grass fed beef and other organic foods, it is causing a rapid surge in demand. When you find grass fed meat at a grocery store, look at the label carefully and you may see that the meat is from Australia, Uruguay or Brazil. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with that. These parts of the world are well adapted to raising grass fed animals due to their weather conditions. In Australia, especially, grassland is abundant and cheap. The same cannot be said for the United States. Large parts of our country have freezing winters when grass will not grow and other parts are covered with cities like Los Angeles or San Diego and sprawling suburbs like Orange County, CA. Not much room for cattle grazing there!

While not everyone can find grass fed beef that is local and conveniently accessible in the United States and choose to buy their organic meats by shopping online with Topline Foods, certainly grass fed beef from America is more “local” than anything shipped here from overseas. We have customers who live in big cities like Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas who prefer the quality of our meats over anything they can find locally whether from a farm or organic grocery store. We also have customers in smaller towns like Flagstaff and Payson in Arizona who can’t find any organic beef. We ship quality American organic, grass fed beef and other naturally raised meats nationwide so everyone can enjoy our meats – not just those who live near an organic farm.

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