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American Meat, The Documentary

Joel Salatin on his farm

There’s a new documentary coming out  called American Meat

If you have seen Food Inc you’ll already understand the importance of eating well raised animals that don’t come from factory farming. However, there is an exciting new movie coming out in November called American Meat and it looks to be fantastic! The main difference between the two films is that Food Inc focused on the problems in factory farming while this new documentary is offering the solution as well as answering some important questions like why is organic grass fed beef more expensive than commercial, factory farmed meat.

The movie offers the farmers perspective on farming and includes well know alternative farmer Joel Salatin. They also discuss the idea that choosing local grass fed beef is the ideal.  However, when you don’t have access to locally raised meats, choose well raised animals thereby supporting small family farms even if they operate in another community.

American Meat is less polarizing than Food Inc. and doesn’t contain any disturbing graphic images so it is appropriate for even school aged children.  It also runs only 80 minutes so those little ones will be able to get through it. They are selling the movie on their website with licenses for group watching like in schools, libraries or other community settings. However, in early 2014 they project to begin selling individual DVDs for home use. If you are involved in a group that would like to see the film, be sure to buy your copy on their website and help educate people about grass fed beef and other well raised meats.

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