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3 Reasons to Buy Organic Chicken in Phoenix

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There are  many reasons to choose organic chicken in Phoenix but we think these are the top three:


1.  Organic chicken is free from antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.

When chickens are raised well and in sanitary and spacious free range conditions with plenty of access to sunshine they do not need antibiotics to remain healthy. When animals are healthy and do not receive antibiotics, their meat is less likely to harbor antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria including salmonella.  Antibiotic resistance is becoming an increasingly troubling problem for human treatment of bacterial infections.

To be certified organic, a farm must have not used any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers for at least 3 years. This means the chickens from an organic farm are not exposed to these chemicals through the ground they peck or the dirt they dust bathe in.

2.  Organic chicken is not fed any animal by products or arsenic, only GMO free organic grains.

Only certified organic GMO free corn and soy mixed with a proprietary blend of nutrients and vitamins is fed to these organic chickens. They do not receive any animal byproducts or waste in their feed. They also never receive arsenic in their feed like some factory farmed animals.

3.  Our organic chicken is also free range and humanely raised.

It is important to our family farmers that they raise their organic chickens under humane conditions. The animals are provided with enhancements to their environment such as bales of hay which encourage natural behaviors like pecking and foraging. There are also “blinds” for them to play and hide behind. The chickens have plenty of room to roam, perch and spread their wings with unrestricted outdoor access.

If you want more details about the many benefits of organic chicken, click here. Topline Foods organic free range chicken is the best choice in Phoenix. Shop online and we’ll ship to your door.

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