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3 Reasons to Stay Away from Grocery Store Ground Beef

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Why choose Topline Foods organic grass fed ground beef over grocery store ground beef even when it is also organic and grass fed?

The last time we were at the grocery store we checked out the meat case to see what the competition was up to. This particular grocer was having a sale on their organic grass fed ground beef and it was less expensive than Topline Foods’. This didn’t especially surprise us as Topline Foods’ meats are of such superior quality to anything found in a grocery store — it isn’t really comparing “apples to apples”. However, some investigation was warranted – as they say, the devil is in the details.

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Here are 3 reasons to stay away from grocery store ground beef:

1.   The meat at this grocery store had multiple countries of origin including a country many, many thousands of miles away. That is a long flight for those animals and an enormous carbon footprint!

Aside from the wasted energy in flying the meat in from so far away, why is this important? Because ground beef is made from the meat of multiple animals – and that’s hundreds, not just a couple. When mixing together animals from multiple countries of origin the opportunity for harmful bacteria to be introduced is greatly increased. It also limits traceability of the source of a food borne illness or bacterial outbreak, such as Ecoli.

Our beef is sourced from family farms in the Pacific Northwest United States. It is 100% American organic grass fed beef which is in high demand and particularly desirable for its high quality and consistent flavor.

2.    The meat was also distributed by a really gigantic, corporation – the nations’ largest supermarket chain and the second-largest general retailer. These types of corporations are how our food system became the flawed machine it is today.

When you choose Topline Foods’ beef you are supporting family farms that are proud to provide you with well raised beef and enjoy supporting their local communities. They are also increasing local employment opportunities and providing responsible stewardship of the land their animals graze and roam upon.

It has been said that the most powerful “vote” we have in America is our pocket book. Every time you spend your dollars on well raised meat, and don’t give your dollars to giant agri-business, you are sending a message encouraging another family farmer to switch to organic and grass fed ranching.

3.    We purchased a package of this organic grass fed ground beef at the grocery store and brought it home. It was sold thawed and refrigerated. Once home, a “sniff test” was conducted and, not surprisingly (to us, anyway) the grocery store meat had a bit of an odor and brought up the question “just how long has this package been in the refrigerator case?” Considering a package of Topline Foods’ thawed ground beef had no odor and smelled just like fresh meat should, the freshness came into question.

Freshness is important, wouldn’t you agree? Topline Foods’ organic grass fed beef is processed to our specifications every 4-6 weeks. Then we flash freeze it to capture that freshness. Our meat will be in excellent condition even after a year in your freezer.

Grocery stores buy and freeze meat in large quantities and then thaw it to place in the meat cases. Do you know how long that package of thawed ground beef has been in the refrigerator case of your local store? You won’t have to worry about that any longer with Topline Foods!

While our prices may not beat your grocery store, recognize that you are receiving some very important benefits. As a family owned and operated business that is only in business to give access to the healthiest and highest quality foods, be assured that we are offering the lowest prices possible given that quality. We also offer some tips and tricks for getting the best prices from Topline Foods here.

The quality and freshness of the food you and your family consume is of paramount importance and directly related to your health and wellness so choose wisely.

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